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Employee monitoring with time tracking, productivity measurement and screenshots

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Do not spend your time on tracking, let Berqun do it for you!

By using Berqun, you will have more time to plan grow your business. Assign the responsibility of tracking your team to Berqun.

HR Performance Measurement and Analysis Made Easy!

Berqun provides daily, monthly, yearly performance metrics for all your employees. It does the tough job by evaluating and scoring minutes and hours spent during office hours. 


Sustained Productivity, Committed Workforce!

Berqun gives quantifiable insight into how your employees spend their time at work. These insights allow you to confidently identify low performers and enable you to jointly take action towards higher productivity.

BQ Score: Your new performance metrics

Berqun monitors and converts employee activities into state-of-the-art performance metrics. BQ scores are calculated based on ratios of time spent on websites and apps that YOU consider to be productive or distractive.

Daily Productivity

Get a detailed look at when throughout each day your employees spend their time on productive vs distractive activities using their computers.

Monthly Productivity

See BQ scores for each day in a month. Analyze trends over time and drill down into any unusual changes.


Optionally, record screenshots of employee computers at any time interval that you specify. Office TV feature offers a snapshot of employee screens in low resolution, protecting sensitive information.


For any individual employee or for your team as a whole, see websites & applications used for whatever day, week, or month that you specify. Don’t rely on self-reported data. Instead get the real data of how time is spent in your organization. Understand how websites and applications correlate with employee outcomes.



See what's worked in a detailed way.


Analyze tracking information and get productivity scores.

Office TV

Watch your office computers to see what's being done.


Find out network usage metrics and plan accordingly.


Deployment in two options: cloud and on-premise.


See the big picture of tracking information.

Customize Settings

Customize the settings and categorize the activities to fine-tune productivity scores.


Receive performance reports in your inbox.

After Sales Support

Multiple customer support options.

Energy Saver

Automatically hibernates terminals out of office hours.

Stealth Mode

Stealth or transparent mode deployment.

Department View

Department level management.

How can I get started?

Step 1
Open an Account

Sign up to Berqun for free.

Step 2
Install Agents

Install the agents on the machines you wish to monitor.

Step 3

Customize the settings and categorize the activities to fine-tune productivity scores.

Take Control!

Start evaluating your company's performance.


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