SoftExpert Kanban: Now with support for Scrum
3 May, 2021 by
SoftExpert Kanban: Now with support for Scrum
Terzion İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş, Haydar KOÇAK
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Starting now, you can organize your activities in SoftExpert Kanban from a new perspective. As of the launch of version 2.1.3, this component now supports the Scrum framework. This is an optional work method, and within each Workspace you are able to choose to follow the Kanban method or Scrum framework.

Learn about all of the new features of this version

Activity backlog

A new menu was created in the system to show activities in a list format. The Backlog menu allows each user to gain access to all of their Workspace activities, with the ability to manage deadline, person in charge, copies, prioritization, creation and editing of activities, regardless of their status or stage. This new menu is available for all SoftExpert Kanban users.

When you decide to use Scrum, the Sprints structure is found through the Backlog menu In Scrum, projects are split into cycles called sprints. Each Sprint represents a time-box that can be used to create a group of activities to be delivered within a certain period of time. In this case, the user can organize and group activities into different sprints, performing the planning that needs to be done for each activity and then starting to execute a Sprint according to the desired time.

With this configuration, the Kanban execution board will only show activities that are part of an active Sprint, ensuring that users solely execute activities in that period, without conflicting with activities that have yet to be planned or that should be executed later.

Understand what happens with your activities and team

And new widgets have been made available on the component for support in the process and oversight of activities, specifically:

  • Burndown Chart: lets the user analyze the status of a delivery flow for an active sprint. This gives the user an understanding of whether the delivery speed of activities planned is in line with the time remaining for the sprint to end, providing a comprehension of whether the timeline will be met and facilitating analysis of the need for any changes to planning or the process.
  • Velocity chart: allows for monitoring of the amount of work finished between sprints. This analysis helps to determine a workspace team’s speed and estimate the work that a team can realistically perform in future sprints.
  • Sprint Report: the report shows a table of information related to the sprints registered in the system. This analysis allows the information in a sprint to be stratified, in order to understand how activities are progressing while also checking on changes to plans.

Now that you know about the new resources in SoftExpert Kanban, update to the latest version and take advantage of the tool’s new resources.

SoftExpert Kanban: Now with support for Scrum
Terzion İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş, Haydar KOÇAK 3 May, 2021
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