IT Process Automation

Orchestration and integration of tools, people, and processes through automated workflows.

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      Cut IT operations costs
      by up to 40%
      Reduce MTTR
      by up to 98%
      Eliminate the need for L1
      Reduce escalation to L2
      by up to 80%

      What are the main IT process automation use cases?

      IT process automation tools can handle a wide range of IT operations automatically and accelerate IT processes with fewer errors. Here are some of the IT process automation use cases:

      • Managing service requests automatically
      • Automating routine IT tasks
      • Automating  asset management
      • Automating IT-related onboarding and offboarding tasks
      • Managing IT security and compliance
      • Digitizing process and supporting  digital transformation
      • ... more

      What are the main benefits of IT Process Automation?

      The main benefits of IT process automation include:

      • Cost savings
      • Increased productivity
      • Reduced errors
      • Faster response to system problems
      • Improved and simplified user experience
      • Compliance benefits

      How does IT process automation work? 

      IT process automation tools work as an action-reaction system. For that, IT departments need to plan predefined events that will trigger ITPA tools while setting them up. These events can be:

      • Routine events like daily checks and upgrade controls
      • Frequent technical issues as  bugs and system errors
      • Specific workflows like forwarding several issues to service desks


      ITPA Tools  track business applications and monitor system performance metrics. This is the default part of the working procedure of ITPA tools. They continue this step until a predefined trigger is detected.


      As monitoring continues, some predefined events can occur. ITPA tools detect these events and start an automated workflow. These triggers might be technical issues in the system or basic IT tasks that can easily be automated.


      According to the predefined event that triggers ITPA tools, the software automatically performs the related task as a reaction to the predefined event. 

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      The reaction might be pre-defined actions to restore system performance, automated spreadsheet operations, or directing workflows to the service desk.

      What are The  Components Of IT Process Automation? 

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