QBITRA HyperAutomation

End-to-End Business Excellence: 

Increasing the Efficiency of Processes with Digital Employee (RPA) Support. 

The Challenge

The contemporary organizations face similar challenges regarding their insertion and consolidation in the globalized world. With the advance of technology, a wide variety of software for distinct purposes appeared in different platforms, generating an environment in which a single individual needs to access infinite channels to get his/her job done. 

At the same time, teams, departments and sectors are working with the help of these tools, the integration and information exchange among them became harder, as the instruments need to meet several technical and data compatibility criteria. 

Our Solution

Efficiently position Digital Employees with HYPER AUTOMATION, BOT and RPA. 

Thanks to the QBitra Agents installed on the computers, you can run an RPA process or a script you have prepared remotely at any time interval and analyze the results.

RPA is the automation of many repetitive tasks which follow specific logic and rules made throughout software robots. These platforms work 24/7, optimizing the recurrent business processes. In this way, you can save your staff from iterative tasks and focus on complex and high value-added jobs.


How it Works

The Digital employees can “mimic” all the operations a human does on the graphical user interface with a mouse and a keyboard. They can write and click, besides read the values ​​on screen and use this information however, whenever and wherever your employees need. This means that you can allow the software robots to act inside other programs, install applications, find archives, manage external devices and many other functions.

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RPA, robotic process automation, intelligent automation, digital worker, digital employee, digital staff, Qbitra, rpa turkey, rpa emea, rpa türkiye, chatbot

Chat Bot with NLP and NLU

Put the Digital Employees you have prepared with  QB-BOT  to the service of internal or external demands through communication platforms such as Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Rocket Chat, Telegram or even on your own website.

Corporate Workforce Planning

QB-RUN  enables independent RPA robots, automation test programs or applications in any programming language to run on softwares installed on computers. It also provides an excellent analysis and tracking ability on outputs.

Integration of all Applications

With QB-HYPE , you can easily design the integration of all your company applications. Thanks to a low-code drag-and-drop technology, you can automate process flows and perform RPA controls.

Robotic Process Automation – RPA

Improve your processes quickly with more than 100 ready-to-use controls in  QB-RPA . This tool can automate everything it sees on the screen and imitate human behavior using a mouse and a keyboard. Moreover, it can be used as Cross Platform (Windows-Mac-Linux).

Advanced OCR Support

Automate your unstructured documents with ABBYY and Tesseract . Use the projects you prepared with FlexiCapture within your own platforms. Let your Digital Employees read the file, verify it, capture the relevant information and log it into Timeline for a deep analysis and a guaranteed compliance of your processes.

Human Employee + Digital Employee Collaboration

Let your human employees take over the decision, thanks to the Transfer to People feature that your Digital Employees cannot respond to. With P2P calling, you can give your customers an excellent before and after-sales experience.


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