Business Process Management

 Business process management  ( BPM ) is a discipline which seeks to discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes.

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ProcessEra's delivery approach offers a connected view of the enterprise to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems.

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Why Business Process Management is critical

Digitization of business and increasing customer expectations has led to a fast-paced, hyper-connected market which makes operational processes increasingly critical. True organisational agility that allows organisations to respond to this market comes from a deep understanding of the processes that deliver value to your stakeholders.

The importance of processes

BPM involves the identification of an organization’s business processes, as well as the alignment of those processes with the organisational strategy, providing a continuous improvement that considers both the customer, regulatory and IT requirements.

Processes are fundamental to how an organisation executes it's strategic intent. They are the way your business generates revenue, delivers value, meets it’s targets, achieves it's objectives and delights it's customers.

Softexpert BPM Features

Business Design

For ProcessEra, Business Design is a way of thinking using human-centered, process-centric and technology inspired approaches to innovate organizations.

It applies sound principles and practices of design to help organisations to either create new value and new forms of competitive advantage  - or to transform and improve their business and value chains to align with the constantly changing environment around them. 

Process Driven, Model-Driven

Business Design is a process-driven, model-driven approach to build an enterprise-wide understanding of an organisation within its particular market and environment. We do this ambidextrously - holding both ‘customer’ and the 'business’ values in tension.

The Journey to End-to-end Intelligent Process Improvement

Covering strategy, organizational structure and architecture, business process management, process mining and analysis, process improvement, management of your data, resource utilization, waste elimination and technological innovations - business design acts as both a mirror and a window into the organisation for the business leaders. 

The building blocks to improve the business

  Regardless of your business or organisation and the state of your market, Business Design approaches can improve your current capabilities and operations.

  Helping an organisation is possible with the right blend of frameworks, tools and insight to understanding and delivering value to the customer and the business.

Design for improving business

Reviewing, optimizing and evolving your Business Design will help to create revenue resilience, reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and compliance, eliminate problems and embrace your customers.


Our Preferred Vendors for BPM

Softexpert BPM

The solution encourages continuous process improvement throughout the organization. It manages every stage of the organizational lifecycle, from modeling and optimization to automation, execution and monitoring.

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ABBYY Timeline 

Process mining is an analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring and improving processes as they actually are (not as you think they might be), by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today's information systems.

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Softexpert GRC

SoftExpert GRC is a robust web-based software for supporting all governance, risk and compliance management processes in the organization. It enables organizations to effectively integrate business strategy execution with compliance and risk management practices.

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