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Projects' Starting Year - 2017

Solutions Applied

Task Mining

SoftExpert Suite
Process Mining

Project Summary

  • 1M Euro was saved in the first 6 months of partnership by discovering and analyzing bottlenecks in the outsource and ticket service processes with Process Mining;

  • All risk, governance, and quality maintenance processes are classified, verified, analyzed and remodeled through SoftExpert. In addition, relevant documents and tasks are managed and shared across the relevant parts;

  • Dashboards are monitored by the managers and several processes can be easily performed with Quby's integration features;


Projects' Starting Year - 2018

Solutions Applied

SoftExpert Suite

Project Summary

  • The demands regarding Quality, Process, Supplier Portals, Bank Processes and Corporate Performance are met end-to-end via WhatsApp using SoftExpert and Quby integration; 

  • SAP integration was done;

Real Estate

Projects' Starting Year - 2021

Solutions Applied

SoftExpert Suite
 User Activity Monitoring

Project Summary

  • Installation of an User Activity Monitoring system for process discovery and performance management;

  • Process design with BPM;

  • Corporate Documents Management on a single platform; 

  • Performance scorecards and service management;

Digital Workplace Experience Use Cases

                The time is now

                The digital workplace experience redesign gives employees the necessary  tools to enhance their communication, collaboration and connections with each other.

                To transform your clients journey, management, supplier and employees’working experience, you must begin by understanding how processes flow and what it means to you.

                Terzion|DX developed an European-awarded and result-oriented methodology which assures your success. Applied effectively, it also allows organizations to alleviate common risks, guarantees regulatory compliance and ultimately reach an optimal business value. 

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                We know you have got questions

                Read our FAQs and fill the form below for any other one that might arise. We will do our best to give a proper return as soon as possible.

                With the digital workplace experience redesign you can automatically and easily catch the insights you are searching for through our integrated process discovery platforms.

                We know that in order to build an accurate understanding of workers in the traditional way, it is necessary reach all interested parties in interviews, group workshops, sending questionnaires, etc. This might cause discomfort and a sense of being tracked or mistrust, besides creating subjective data - interviews, workshops and questionnaires rely on employees to remember each activity they are involved in with perfect detail. Prejudice, misunderstandings between employees or even the fact that an employee had a "day off" will affect the accuracy of the process discovery.

                Our digital workplace experience redesign, on the other hand, empowers information and uses it to build an efficient working environment filed with happy employees.

                With our solutions you can gather the necessary data for further mapping and analyzing the best roadmap and tactics to be followed.

                Be able to bring anyone digitally in touch with the organisation to a single and simple interface. Widely diffuse the organisation's vision according to an accurate strategy, moved by data and real time insights.

                Two points should be highlighted here; the first is that there are always new and better ways to improve. We can leverage your tools and your business' digital experience by integrating smart technologies and executing a strategic plan based on your real processes, resources and goals.

                The second point is that we are experts in finding the right and best solution for your business needs. With our experience in different countries, sectors and departments, in addition to our fresh approach and open ears, we offer personalized ways to move your organization forward.

                Although change is never an easy thing, we know where to start this movement: in the most repetitive and less complex tasks, with fast implementation and expressive results. At the end, we reach the monitoring stage to keep all the processes in their best-outcome version.

                The impacts from our digital workplace experience redesign service will impress your employees and clients, generating an average ROI in 3 months. With our platforms, of you can finally use the best of technology to bring people and results together.

                Define your processes' KPIs and any other metrics of your preference with easy-to-make dashboards; generate real time reports you can access and manage through WhatsApp or any other communication mean of your preference. Reach 100% compliance triggering our digital workers to track, update and take actions in case of any disruptive event.

                We have got the tools for a complete and continuous transformation of your working routine.

                We can deliver our solutions with the same quality pattern worldwide providing high-standard services and products for public and private organisations from all sizes. Depending on the demand we are able to arrange international meetings, events, assistance and training, remotely or in person. 

                With our solution approach you will be fully able to easily define your data flows and privacy. We can also be subcontracted to analyse and integrate your organisation's data respecting current GDPR and guidelines. All our activities and software tools are regimented and follow an strict and international quality control process.