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Accenture’s  report  demonstrated that the number of cyberattacks rose 30% in 2021. So far, 2022 does not seem  promising  in terms of cybersecurity concerns. Following the Russian-Ukrainian war,  Fitch Ratings  warned organizations about the growth of cyber risks. In March 2022, the US Congress passed a  bill  requiring firms in vital sectors (finance, transportation, and energy) to report cyberattacks and data breaches immediately to defend national infrastructure.

Cyber Risk Services

Assess & Guide

Comprehensive, methodical current state assessment

Subject matter e xperts in information risk management

Risk and SWOT analysis, maturity report

Recommendations and road-map

Supply Chain  Risk Management

Continuous risk monitoring & reporting

Power of online tools blended with expertise

Variance report

Data validation

Focused in depth risk assessments

Information Security Program

Targeted awareness trainings

Phishing s imulations

Tool capabilities + expertise

Motivational elements

Actionable measurement & reporting

Data  Governance

Data life- cycle management advisory

Data quality , integrity , security assurement

Discovery & classification capabilities

IT Service Management integration

Process modelling & design

Application & API Security

Application architecture assessment

Penetration testing

Blending expert vision into automated tools

Remediation recommendations

Identity & Acces  Management

DevSecOps Maturity Assessment

Road-map design

Road-map program management

Cloud Security 

Cloud security assessment  and recommendations

Secure cloud migration planning

Secure migration program management

Cyber Resilience &BCP

Prepare your business for cyber crisis

Cyber crisis scenario analysis with business units

Crisis simulation

IT Audit & IT Risk Management

Maintaining IT risk management and compliance

Assuring complex, changing IT environments

Understanding emerging technology risk

IT governance, risk and compliance management

Data Protection & Privacy

Identifying and securing data: Enable compliance with governing legislation, such as GDPR

Business Risk & Impact Assessment

Privacy by design methodology

Data Breach Management / Incident Response

IT Controls Framework Implementation

Identification and mitigation of IT risks affecting IT systems, business processes, applications, data and third parties

Perform gap analysis, implement IT control framework in line with business needs

Enterprise Security Strategy

Define and develop an enterprise security strategy with Zero Trust model

Adapt to new and familiar security risks

Enhancing cyber security and data security measures for the organization

Our Power is Our Team' s Experience

ü 3 Cyber Risk SME s w/ total 25 YoE as CISO,
ü Cyber Security, Data Protection, Technology Risk Management speaker
ü Women in Technology  Global a mbassador
ü 1 PCI-DSS advisor
ü 1 COBIT advisor
ü 1 Data Protection expert holding LL.M degree
ü 1 Solid Financial Systems (SWIFT, Trading) knowledge w/25 YoE
ü 1 Distinguished App Security Architect w/25 YoE with DevSecOps Design experience
ü 1 Distinguished Data Architect w/30 YoE
ü 1 Security Arhitect w/20 YoE & Cloud Sec. exp.
ü 2 IT Service Mgmt. & Program Mgmt. & EA exp. professionals

Our Team Certfications

ü 3 ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor
ü 1 CISM
ü 4 Certified Ethical Hacker
ü 2 Certified Data Privacy Eng.
ü 2 Certified Information Sec. Manager
ü 1 Certified Cloud Security Professional
ü 2 ISO/IEC 22301 Business Continuity Management
ü 2 Certified Data Privacy Solutions Eng.
ü 3 ISO/IEC 27001 Internal  Auditor
ü 1 Cyberstruggle MultidisciplinaryRanger

ü 6 ITIL-F

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Contact with Leaders:

Onur Korucu, VP of Consulting

10 years Cyber Security and Data Protection exp.

ISACA  and IAPP Board member and speaker


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