IT Process Automation

Orchestration and integration of tools, people and processes through automated workflows. 

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      Cut IT operations costs up to 40%
      Reduce MTTR up to 98%
      Eliminate the need for L1
      Reduce escalation to L2
      up to 80%

      What are the main IT process automation use cases?

      IT process automation tools can handle a wide range of IT operations automatically and accelerate IT processes with fewer errors. Here are some of the IT process automation use cases:

      • Managing service requests automatically
      • Automating routine IT tasks
      • Automating asset management
      • Automating IT-related onboarding and offboarding tasks
      • Managing IT security and compliance
      • Digitizing process and supporting digital transformation
      • ... more

      What are the main benefits of IT Process Automation?

      The main benefits of IT process automation include:

      • Cost savings
      • Increased productivity
      • Reduced errors
      • Faster response to system problems
      • Improved and simplified user experience
      • Compliance benefits

      How does IT process automation work?

      IT process automation tools work as an action-reaction system. For that, IT departments need to plan predefined events that will trigger ITPA tools while setting them up. These events can be:

      • Routine events like daily checks and upgrade controls
      • Frequent technical issues as bugs and system errors
      • Specific workflows like forwarding several issues to service desks

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