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Process Mining gives efficient ways of analyzing and monitoring your business processes. 

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Why Process Mining?

Process mining is an emerging technology that provides the “as-is” picture of processes in a business. Using real-time data and event logs, it shows the actual conditions of processes to identify bottlenecks, unnecessary steps and present factual insights. By providing a visualized and data-based view of processes, process mining enables companies to: 

  • Prioritize automation and process improvement efforts;
  • Automate processes faster as business logic of processes can be gleaned from process mining software;
  • Calculate the benefits of automation;


Reduced costs. By revealing inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and tasks that can benefit from automation, organizations can significantly reduce their operating costs.

Increased transparency. Process mining helps stakeholders locate the right data and create actionable insights. This provides a higher level of transparency across specific processes as well as at the organizational level.

Improved performance management. Automating the collection of key performance indicators. Stakeholders can continually monitor processes in real-time.

Improved customer experiences. Organizations can get to the root causes of issues quicker, allowing them to react fast and provide better customer service.

Improved compliance. Auditing is costly and time-consuming. With process mining technology, auditors can analyze data faster and stakeholders can identify compliance issues in real-time.

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