What is Quby Bot

We make building chatbots much easier for developers. We have put together the boilerplate code and infrastructure you need to get a chatbot up and running. We propose you a complete dev-friendly platform that ships with all the tools you need to build, deploy and manage production-grade chatbots in record time.

What is the components?

  • Built-in Natural Language Processing tasks such as intent recognition, spell checking, entity extraction, and slot tagging (and many others)

  • A visual conversation studio to design multi-turn conversations and workflows.

  • An emulator & a debugger to simulate conversations and debug your chatbot

  • Support for popular messaging channels like Whatsapp, Slack, Telegram, MS Teams, Facebook Messenger, and an embeddable web chat.

  • An SDK and code editor to extend the capabilities

  • Post-deployment tools like analytics dashboards, human handoff And more…

Why Quby Bot?

  • It is cloud-agnostic, therefore you can run it on the cloud platform or the on-premise infrastructure of your choice, giving you full control over your data privacy.

  • The core of the Quby Bot platform is part of Qbitra Development Kit. Therefore, Quby can use native integration with Quby RPA and with Quby Flow, Quby bot can integrate other vendors RPA.

  • The platform offers a great developer experience by being remarkably flexible, easy to use, and fast. Support for multiple languages, including French, Arabic, Spanish, and 100 more

  • No vendor lock-in

Most importantly, our platform has proven to deliver a better conversational experience to end-users.

With Quby Bot You Can

Automate Workflows: This is a real customer story; you can automate the workflow of applying for a Mortgage by gathering the information you need from potential customers through a chat on your website.

Support your customer 24/7: If someone is not behind your Facebook Messenger, your customer is most likely not gonna get the answer they need and he might go to a different business. A chatbot can answer your customer’s questions even when you are asleep.

Allow employees to self-serve: The classic example is resetting a password. Some people are required to ask a system administrator or an IT person to reset their password when they get logged out of their email. The truth is they could just ask in Slack for a password reset and it could take care of itself.

Create a conversational interface for an application: Some applications are better delivered with a GUI, but in other cases, a conversational interface is simply a better option. It’s just really natural for someone to ask in plain English rather than browsing an interface. ‘’Hey, I am looking for a training plan for my next marathon’’

Who else uses Quby Bot?

Quby Bot will be deployed in production thousands of times across 4 continents. Currently, a wide range of companies, including digital agencies, Turkey Fortune 500 organizations, governments, and startups are building digital assistants with Quby Platform.

Conversational Studio

A visual interface allowing you to design conversation flow and workflow automations.

Variables extraction and intention detection. From natural language to structured data.

A complete dashboard to give you a clear understanding of the engagement.

Sometimes a person just wanna talk to another person, HITL will allow you to delegate a chat session to an agent.

Our simple SDK exists to give you more flexibility when it comes to building custom functionalities.

We integrate with the most popular messaging system such as Microsoft Team and Slack.

Test and debug your chatbot without leaving the studio or opening a new window.

Capture everything the chatbot doesn't understand and use that to improve your chatbot or expand its capabilities.

A Platform Built for Speed of Execution

We carefully considered what the best solution for conversational AI would look like – and then built it.

A productive studio combined with a flexible modular architecture powered by our SDK.

‍Start building chatbots in less than a minute.