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Enterprise Risk Management

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SoftExpert ERM software enables organizations to identify, analyze, evaluate, monitor, and manage their enterprise risks using an integrated approach. It brings together all risk management related data in a single and comprehensive environment, including a reusable library of risks and their corresponding controls and assessments, events such as losses and non-conformities, key risk indicators, issues and treatment plans. The solution streamlines the risk assessment process, while the risk heat map feature enables organizations to set their priorities and make strategic decisions based on risk levels.

The software serves as the foundation for the company’s enterprise risk management efforts through its ability to unite and support different risk categories like strategic, financial, security, compliance, environmental, assets, products, processes and projects. These categories can be part of broader applications and risk family solutions, such as Operational Risk Management, IT Risk Management and General Compliance Management. SoftExpert ERM is designed to be flexible and configurable, supporting whether the risk management standards defined by ISO 3100, COSO and PMBOK, as well the company’s unique requirements.

Enterprise Risk Management – ERM

Process oriented risk identification

Risk repository

Risk assessment

Risk response planning and monitoring

Tests and Control Self Assessments

Risk monitoring portals

Solution Overview

Main Benefits

  • Centralize and streamline the risk management program.

  • Focus management attention on risks that matter by expressing disparate risks in a common language.

  • Provide an accurate understanding of risks by identifying and managing risks across all contexts.

  • Allow better structure, reporting, and analysis of risks.

  • Improve efficiency by allocating the right amount of resources to mitigating the risk.

  • Enable better cost management and risk visibility related to operational activities.

  • Support risk assessment and residual level calculations based on configurable methodologies and formulas.

  • Design control test plans and assessments and rate the operational and design effectiveness of the controls.

  • Keep the program on the track by record and monitoring findings from risk assessments and control tests.

  • Drive completion of risk prevention and mitigation tasks.

  • Offer real-time insights into risk management programs through powerful analytics, advanced heat maps, reports, dashboards, and charts.

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