User Activity Monitoring
Are you aware that between 15-30% of your income is used for staff payroll?


ProcessEra delivery approach offers a connected view of the enterprise to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems.

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of your income spent for Salary (Employee Time)
2:54 Hour
Average efficient  spent hour Office Task in a Day
Shorten time for capturing Automation opportunity Such As RPA

                                How do you know what your team members are up to? More importantly, how do you track what your remote workforce is up to?

                                An user activity monitoring software can help you tracking user activity and resource utilization, saving both time and monetary resources for the organization.

                                Spotlight Patterns That Fuel Success

                                With ProcessEra UAM’s productivity insights you can understand how work gets done, spotlight successful patterns and reduce distractions to make space for the work that matters most.

                                • Easily view productivity trends organization-wide
                                • Leverage historic benchmarks and trends to inform team goals
                                • Identify patterns of top performers
                                • Understand which distractions reduce focus
                                • Discover what technologies improve collaboration

                                Be an All-Star Coach

                                 ProcessEra UAM delivers visibility into how time is being spent across people, process and technology so managers can ensure that teams are productive, working wisely, and aligned with business goals, while having the meaningful data they need to be rockstar coaches.

                                • View application usage and web habits
                                • Understand how your employees work
                                • Identify overloaded employees or unbalanced workloads
                                • Deliver weekly trend reports to each employee
                                • Instill a culture of trust and transparency

                                Engage Everyone, Everywhere to Achieve the Amazing

                                Provide managers of remote teams with the insights to guide their team members to success. See how work is getting done, during what hours, and across which applications and websites for a complete picture of work habits – in-office, hybrid and remote.

                                • Get productivity insights to optimize how remote work gets done
                                • Understand productive work time, peak hours and distractions
                                • Identify and resolve inefficient workflows or workload issues
                                • Uncover top performers and those at risk of burnout
                                • Identify offsite access vulnerabilities and compliance issues

                                Spark Healthier Work Habits to Banish Burnout

                                 ProcessEra UAM brings the visibility you need to see what’s really happening with employees, teams, processes, and technology so managers can proactively engage employees, encourage healthy habits, and get out in front of burnout.

                                • Spot patterns that are indicators of engagement
                                  and burnout
                                • Understand productivity and focus trends
                                • Track engagement trends over time
                                • Provide managers and employees insights into weekly work habits
                                • Share insights with a broader audience
                                  to proactively drive new habits

                                Optimize Your SaaS and Application Universe

                                 ProcessEra UAM gives you visibility into SaaS or OnPremise application adoption and usage trends so you can understand how applications hinder or boost productivity across your organization.

                                • See which SaaS or OnPremise applications and other tools are being used
                                • Control application sprawl and recoup license costs
                                • Uncover applications that fail to meet privacy and security requirements
                                • Identify where you have application redundancy
                                • Coach teams around optimal use of technology
                                  to boost productivity

                                Increase Employee Productivity

                                With Processera UAM  Tools, track employee activity throughout the day, then aggregate that data to produce detailed metrics, such as:

                                • Разбивка задач, связанных с работой, и задач, не связанных с работой.

                                • Поминутные трендовые графики показывают, сколько времени тратится на конкретные проекты.
                                • Расставьте приоритеты по важным проектам и убедитесь, что ваша команда сосредоточена на них.

                                • Используйте различные отчеты о производительности для отслеживания прогресса и корректировки задач, чтобы обеспечить достижение ваших целей в области производительности.

                                Offers  Transparency

                                • Открытое общение создает доверие, которое, в свою очередь, приводит к откровенным и честным разговорам.

                                • С помощью решения для мониторинга активности пользователей сотрудникам не нужно будет ничего скрывать, поскольку менеджеры знают, чем занимаются их сотрудники.

                                • Это может создать прозрачную рабочую среду с открытым общением между менеджерами и членами их команды.

                                • Это помогает сформировать спокойную рабочую культуру, которая, в свою очередь, обеспечивает отличную организационную среду.

                                Расчет ROI удаленной работы

                                Remote working is  the new normal given the advent of Corona Virus. To succeed today, companies need new tools to ensure employee productivity . Employee monitoring software can be used to track employee PC activity and productivity.  

                                ROI OF AN EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE

                                - Cost of employee monitoring software for 10 users is $120/user x 10 users, or $1.200/year. 
                                - ROI = $ savings (10 staff x 12.000 yearly  cost /staff x %25 avarage waste time  ) / cost of employee monitoring software 

                                Example ROI for 10 User
                                $15k/ $1.2k = 12,5 or  1.250% ROI

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