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SoftExpert Competence

Companies are increasingly aware that the difference between success and failure is related to competency management and proactively developing employee skills, behaviors and values. Competency management benefits both employees and companies by allowing new opportunities to be created as the company grows and develops. This process is the result of the strategies being implemented; and to do this, companies must determine not only skills and abilities, but also the software to handle all this information.

Competency management is a tool for organizations that want to build a legacy of successful practices. Managing techniques and methodologies to not only design an employee’s career moves, but also allowing adjustments and customizations to be made as the organization grows. Competency solutions are used to create balance between people development and the competencies needed to achieve the organization’s objectives.

SoftExpert Competence is the definitive solution for the effective management of competencies at a company. Guarantees the periodic assessments planning of the competencies mapped, thereby optimizing the learning demands and creation of knowledge within the organization.

SoftExpert Competence ensures the continuous improvement of employees, with increased productivity and the continuous generation of new ideas, improving levels of competitiveness and profitability within the corporate context.



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