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The Solution  – SoftExpert CPM

SoftExpert CPM  is a web-based performance management software that helps organizations to manage the strategy formulation process, translate it into practical actions and monitor performance and execution in a simple way.

The solution empowers organizations with a full set of capabilities to transform strategy into operational objectives, driving both behavior and performance, defining and collecting metrics to measure and control business performance and measure progress. Managers can track and analyze performance in real time through flexible and interactive dashboards, improving management comprehension which leads to better, faster and more relevant decisions forward to action. 

The solution supports management of performance deviations, strategic and operational risks, projects, action plans, financial resources and processes, as well as a wide range of best-in-class performance management models and practices, like  Balanced Scorecard Six Sigma and others.

The software offers strategy maps, analytical graphs and diagrams designed to help in understanding the cause-and-effect relationships of key processes, objectives and key performance indicators. It also provides a tool to solve performance problems and define appropriate actions for the team in charge, creating a culture of performance.

Corporate Performance Management – CPM

Strategy Planning - Strategy Map

Measuring and monitoring

Initiative Management

Performance Deviation Management

Real time monitoring on interactive dashboards

Analysis tools


Main Benefits

Minimize uncertainty and meet KPIs and objectives.

Focus on the indicators that reflect strategy and are most critical.

Manage quantitative data and qualitative updates in one place.

Synchronize communication of goals, strategies and metrics across broad geographic areas and allows users to view, update, share and work on common information simultaneously.

Minimize problems associated with reporting detailed financial and operational data from multiple applications, databases and legacy systems.

Make faster and smarter decisions by capturing and transforming data from operational back-end legacy systems into real-time data storage.

Integrate key management processes within a single IT platform in a closed-loop environment.

Reduce risk with consistently-updated data, version-controlled plans, and driver-based models.

Spend less time compiling numbers and spend more time advising business partners on the insights obtained from self-service and interactive dashboards, even on mobile devices.

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The most complete CPM package offers the following modules:

(*)   Valid on premium packages.

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