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Enterprise Asset Management

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SoftExpert EAM is an Asset Management software which optimizes asset performance and utilization at lower operating costs by eliminating unplanned downtime to maximize the lifetime value of all asset types – production, facilities, transportation and IT.

Enterprise Asset Management software enables organizations to develop comprehensive instrument calibration plans, in addition to preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance programs for equipment, improving the daily effectiveness of operations and technical staff.

It also better manages equipment and facilities to increase reliability and ensure regulatory compliance with standards, such as ISO 50001, ISO 55000 and ISO 17025, laws, regulations and industry-specific requirements, all while reducing energy usage and supporting sustainability initiatives.

With SoftExpert EAM, technicians can access asset information, checklists, and best practices and even visualize repair steps and procedures, anytime and anywhere, on tablets and smartphones.

With work order management, the solution streamlines scheduling of tasks, assignment of available technicians and reservation of materials. The solution also manages asset history, including maintenance activities, specifications, purchase date, assurance and expected lifetime.

Enterprise Asset Management – EAM

Asset inventory

Work order monitoring

Calibration record

Asset performance indicators

Failure analysis

Maintenance planning and control

Solution Overview

 Main Benefits

  • Reduce downtime and increase asset lifetime.

  • Optimize spare parts inventory and purchasing costs.

  • Provide technicians in the field with easy access to important information through mobile devices, eliminating paperwork.

  • Promote collaboration and sharing of information among asset owners and service providers.

  • Classify assets based on risk, criticality, and impact and define custom maintenance strategies at the lowest cost and risk.

  • Track, review and improve calibration and maintenance plans and budgets.

  • Reduce deviations, prevent incidents and improve decision-making through a holistic view of asset inventory.

  • Avoid wasting money on assets that are still under warranty.

  • Manage all asset-related documentation in a single place, such manuals, configuration settings, lease agreements, and warranty certificates as well as asset images.

  • Achieve a competitive advantage by boosting safety and uptime while maximizing asset performance.

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The most complete EAM package offers the following modules:

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