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Integrated Low-Code Platform for Business and Performance Excellence

With SoftExpert Excellence Suite, interconnected applications in a single workplace replaces many isolated management systems that address only a few aspects of a business, leading to costly delays, inefficiencies and errors caused by duplicated functionality, lack of visibility and inconsistent information.

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Solutions for Your Sector

Regardless of the company size or market sector, SoftExpert provides the most complete integrated web-based solution to simplify and streamline implementation, execution, control and monitoring of multiple business application demands.

Solution For Regulations

The need for compliance is driven by far more than just the threat of potential fines and penalties from regulatory agencies and customers. Companies want compliance in their business in order to address the needs specific to their industry sector. SoftExpert solutions address a growing range of compliance issues that affect business operations by delivering regulation-specific functionalities based on industry best practices.

SoftExpert Solutions comply with the main international regulations for quality, environment, health and safety, auto industry (including suppliers and subcontractors), food and drugs, technology and others. Some of the main regulations concerned are listed below.

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