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SoftExpert HDM  is a comprehensive web-based human development management software. It allows for  competency mapping, training and development, performance review and succession planning. Its purpose is to help organizations develop a highly skilled and engaged workforce, aligned with business strategy.

With this solution, organizations can easily create and manage competencies, and link them to business processes or job positions. Competencies can be assessed and organizations can better understand where workforce skill sets are strong and where there are gaps in professional development.

Organizations can define Individual Development Plans (IDP), delivering training programs linked to competency assessments, in order to meet knowledge gaps and improve employee’s skills. Training can be carried out online through the LMS (Learning Management System) within the solution (SCORM compatible) or in classrooms. The solution allows instructors to create online tests and manage questions and scores, ensuring that content was absorbed by participants. Training completion certificates are generated automatically by the system.

Human Development Management – HDM

Competence mapping

Performance evaluation

Employee profile

Talent bank

Learning Management System

9 Box Matrix

Solution Overview

Main Benefits

  • Saves time and therefore money by simplifying and automating talent management processes.

  • Manages training resources for a more efficient use of the training & learning budget.

  • Allows employees, managers and HR to spend more time on strategic activities rather than conducting slow and exhaustive performance appraisals.

  • Aligns the entire workforce with the organization's strategies and priorities.

  • Identifies key competencies necessary to perform specific activities in different processes across the organization.

  • Provides a detailed course catalog accessible to all employees.

  • Provides training programs that address performance and skill gaps for individuals and work teams.

  • Motivates workforce through highly relevant performance feedback from peers, leaders and subordinates.

  • Measures the effectiveness of individual development plans by analyzing performance improvements over time


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The most complete HDM package offers the following modules:

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