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Incoming/Outgoing Goods Inspection

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SoftExpert Inspection

SoftExpert Inspection is a web-based tool designed for measuring supplier quality, delivery, service performance, as well as incoming/outgoing goods across operational and business processes. The software streamlines all inspection tasks: create forms and checklists, schedule inspections, record results and track corrective actions to completion.

The solution evolves the process of receiving materials from suppliers and prepares inspection schedules based on skip lot profiles driven by supplier rating performance. SoftExpert Inspection also tracks and evaluates the quality of products on an assembly line, reducing defects in finished products related to poor supplier quality.

Each inspection automatically calculates the sample size and criteria using configured Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) tables. The software can be integrated seamlessly into existing business systems such as ERP/MRPs and link   quality management processes   to the inspection process. Failed inspections can automatically trigger non-conformance workflows.

SoftExpert Inspection software is designed to increase visibility and traceability of supplier compliance processes, integrate suppliers in the process of quality management, and mitigate supplier risks. Supplier inspections, monitoring, supplier ranking, and supplier corrective actions are just some of the integrated processes created to extend quality management down the supply-chain.


SoftExpert Inspection

Delivery qualification



Quality index evaluation


  • Plan the inspection of incoming materials and outgoing products.
  • Track supplier receiving and inspection of incoming goods.
  • Deeply qualify suppliers to uncover hidden opportunities and mitigate risks.
  • Track all supplier corrective and preventive actions through completion.
  • Generate non-conformances directly from the inspection record when materials are below quality control standards.
  • Monitor the supplier's performance with key metrics for cost, quality, delivery, and service.
  • On-time delivery and quality performance is continually monitored and reported to each supplier.
  • Easily identify and assign follow-up tasks related to inspection findings.
  • Maintain a complete list of suppliers and materials.
  • Store and maintain any compliance certificates from suppliers.
  • Automatically update critical supplier metrics, including parts per million (PPM), on-time delivery, and accepted quantity.
  • User-definable sampling plans based on multiple inspection levels and Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs).
  • Define sampling plans for different materials.
  • Configurable table lists sample size, lot size, acceptance and rejection criteria.
  • Support various sampling types (i.e., percentage/fixed/range).
  • User-definable skip lot profiles to specify number of initial required passes, number of lots to be skipped, and number of lots to be inspected in case of failure.
  • Seamless and smooth integration into existing systems, so relevant data can be automatically imported/exported thus eliminating the cost of storing and managing redundant data and reducing the cost of manual data reentry and report generation.
  • Provide powerful search capabilities allowing users to instantly list suppliers and inspection data by supplier type, product type, inspection results, work order number, attributes, and many other fields.
  • Offer a large variety of standard reports, including tables and charts.
  • Maintain an extensive audit trail of all activities performed in the system, which is essential for regulatory compliance.


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