ISO/IEC 17025

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The Challenge

Around the globe, organizations, and laboratories that perform testing, calibration and/or sampling activities deal with the ever-increasing challenge of being able to demonstrate confidence in their operations, prove they operate in a competent and impartial way, and are able to provide valid results.

ISO/IEC 17025 allows organizations and laboratories to show that they operate competently and can generate valid results, therefore promoting confidence in their work both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, the regulation helps ease collaboration between laboratories and other bodies by creating wider acceptance of results between countries. This means that certificates and test reports can be accepted amongst various countries without having the need for further testing, reducing bureaucracy, saving time and reducing costs.

The ISO/IEC 17025 Solution

SoftExpert offers the most advanced and comprehensive software solution for organizations and laboratories that perform testing, sampling or calibration, meeting the stringent needs of various global regulations. SoftExpert’s Excellence Suite helps organizations and laboratories comply with ISO/IEC 17025 while lowering costs, maximizing success, increasing productivity and reducing risks.

SoftExpert’s solution enables organizations to easily meet ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, providing resources to plan and implement actions to manage calibrations, risks and opportunities, confidentiality, procedures, equipment, personnel, systems, processes, and nonconformities. With online collaboration capabilities, the organization and managers can communicate and receive updates on compliance initiatives, involving more users, teams, offices and business units with a systematic and unified approach, turning quality and safety guidelines into actions.

Calibration record

Calibration record

Calibration event

Calibration event

Calibration execution

Calibration execution

Resource control

Resource control

Main Benefits

  • Automate scheduling of calibrations, maintenance and repairs.

  • Support automatic and real-time data acquisition through serial ports, eliminating manual data entry.

  • Support Type A and Type B measurement uncertainties.

  • Recall management controls with fixed time intervals, real-time usage, maintenance, and repair.

  • Choose calibration/maintenance based on frequency or usage.

  • Automate calibration procedures.

  • Maintain and retrieve master equipment, calibration history and measurement data records.

  • Store all calibration information safely and efficiently.

  • Traceability to in-house equipment calibration and Reference (or National) Standards.

  • Secure access control for individual users with password protection.

  • Automatically flag equipment found to be out of calibration, in use, or out for maintenance or repair.

  • Maintain a secure audit trail and standards traceability.

  • Conduct independent equipment R&R studies.

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