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SoftExpert Knowledge Base

SoftExpert Knowledge Base is a powerful enterprise software application to help companies provide users with fast solutions to common issues. With an intuitive workspace, the solution helps to efficiently capture, organize and publish knowledge, making it available to users, teams or even customers.

The software streamlines tasks such as creating knowledge bases, categories and articles, ensuring retention of knowledge and increased team productivity. SoftExpert Knowledge Base lets you ensure article security, setting permissions based on user groups, roles, departments, and more.

Articles can be created using SoftExpert Incident or SoftExpert Problem, thanks to its integration capabilities with knowledge base component.

Its robust search engine allows users to instantly find answers in the knowledge base. This saves your team the work of having to respond to simple questions and leaves them with more time to help customers with complex issues.




  • Create and organize articles that provide effective solutions to frequently asked questions.
  • Supports authoring of multi-language articles and shows content according to user preferences.
  • Manages separate knowledge bases according to subject, department, product, and more.
  • Provides its own text editor, allowing articles to be formatted according to each organization's preferences and standards.
  • Share knowledge through different self-service portals, tailored to each user profile
  • Promotes knowledge sharing through different self-service portals.
  • Keep content useful and relevant, through article review workflow, with an approval step.
  • Manages article security using controls for viewing, changing or deleting.
  • Integrates with other SoftExpert Suite components, such as SoftExpert Incident and SoftExpert Problem.

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