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SoftExpert Meeting

SoftExpert Meeting is a solution to control business meetings. It is designed to optimize processes involving meeting management, from planning to execution and including closure, streamlining activities for all employees and attendees involved.

The solution makes meeting scheduling extremely easy. It contains location, attendees, documents and other resources. Follow-up can be done using calendars or notifications sent by email. Meetings decision and conclusions can easily be turned into action plans.

SoftExpert Meeting integrates seamlessly with various SoftExpert solutions, such as SoftExpert Project, to control project meetings, SoftExpert Time Control, handling manpower hours, and SoftExpert Problem, for identifying and dealing with incidents, accidents and errors in company operations.




  • Manage the company schedule, including employees, third parties, locations, and content needed.
  • Control the length of subjects covered at meetings (including decisions made) and any breaks during the event.
  • Evaluate schedules using a calendar with meeting details like: employees, third parties, locations, dates and status.
  • Allocate experts and attendees, asking them to confirm if they will attend the event.
  • Schedule, reschedule, and cancel meetings based on an employee’s availability.
  • Moderate meetings by noting who attended.
  • Define access controls to visualize planned and executed events.
  • Activate action plans for each meeting, managing risks and opportunities found.
  • Validate topics, decisions, and details by asking attendees to digitally sign in to the meeting.

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