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The Challenge

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a key management function whose success requires disciplined effort. To be effective, project managers must be able to continuously monitor projects, portfolios and programs to ensure that several key actions are taken. They need a tool that allows them to ensure that strategic investments are aligned with corporate priorities, delivered on time and on budget, and meet requirements and specifications.

Managing the above challenges requires project management capabilities that simply cannot be supported by pen and paper or first-generation software tools. Innovative project management solutions must be able to encompass all project team members and automate multiple critical management tasks. They also must provide analytical and alert capabilities to identify problems before they impact margins and customer satisfaction.

The Solution – SoftExpert PPM

SoftExpert PPM  software is the most comprehensive solution for prioritizing, planning, managing and executing projects, portfolios and business initiatives. The software fits any project-focused business applications across the company, such as strategic initiatives and investments, product development, innovation and six sigma    programs, service delivery, asset maintenance  resource capacity planning, software development and implementation, construction, etc.

The software helps organizations complete projects on-time and within budget by enabling project managers and team members to optimize time and deadline scheduling, resource utilization, milestone and deliverable completion, cost and revenue accounting, etc.

The modular, scalable suite includes project planning, workforce scheduling, cost and revenue acco unting,  document management, quality management,  risk management ,  p ortfolio management,  process management, demand and service management, a nd others.

Project and Portfolio Management – PPM

Main Benefits

  • Increases productivity.

  • Reduces operational costs.

  • Gets the right people on the right projects at the right time.

  • Reduces resources applied in non-value-added projects.

  • Increases visibility across your organization.

  • Easily plans, manages, evaluates, executes and monitors projects and portfolios.

  • Reduces project cycle time.

  • Prioritizes investment based on key selection criteria.

  • Quickly and easily develops detailed and professional project schedules.

  • Ensures that project schedules stay on track and that delays are minimized.


Solution Overview


Return on Investment (ROI)

Traditionally when enterprise professionals discussed the ROI of an investment, they were mostly thinking of the "financial" benefits. Today, organizations must also consider the "non-financial" benefits of an investment.

Financial Benefits include impacts on the organization's budget and finances, e.g., reduced costs or increased revenues.

Non-Financial Benefits are the so-called "intangible", "soft", or "unquantifiable" benefits of an investment. Unlike financial returns, there may be no widely-accepted metrics for organizations to apply. However, the SoftExpert solutions present undeniable potential for producing positive impacts on business performance and mission results. These include improved customer satisfaction, more precise information and a shorter cycle time.

The SoftExpert Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution offers the following benefits:


Annual Savings

  • Increase productivity – Optimized business processes; project templates; structured project management planning, execution, and control will make your staff achieve better results, in less time.
  • Reduce operational costs – Following the benefits outlined above, by automating some applications, it will allow your business to reduce the effort to implement and control each project, which allows room for reducing overall personnel costs.
  • Get the right people on the right projects at the right time – SoftExpert PPM delivers robust resource management to bring balance between requests for projects and the supply of talented people. It gives you one place to manage your resource pool including a skills inventory.
  • Reduce resources applied in non-value-added projects – SoftExpert PPM allows a well planned and resourced project, with clearly defined and realistic expectations, clearly defined products and resulting outcomes, and an effective scope, time, cost and quality management, which will undoubtedly increase the chances of benefits be clearly linked to project outcomes.
  • Increase visibility across your organization – Powerful dashboard reporting gives executives and project management leaders quick insight into what projects are taking place across the organization and their status, saving several hours per month in project follow-up.
  • Easily manage, evaluate and execute on your demand – Capture, classify and prioritize demand at a glance; where you can quickly identify available resources; and where you can conduct “what if” analysis to determine the appropriate mix in your project portfolio, delivering only those that add most value to the organization.
  • Deliver on time and under budget – SoftExpert PPM allows you to establish financial and work goals at the onset of a project. Project plan views make it easy and quick to create schedules with key tasks, milestones, and owners, saving considerably time in planning and controlling, reducing administrative effort.


  • The investment in SoftExpert PPM will depend on the business unit size and implementation approach.

Return on Investment (%)

  • (((Total Annual Savings x n years) – Initial Investment) / Initial Investment) x 100.

Payback Period (years)

  • Initial Investment / Total Annual Savings.


  • Easier to achieve strategic objectives due to improved project management maturity and corporate culture.
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to more effective customer need management and quality control tools that achieve the established goals, guaranteeing an effective project outcome.
  • Improved customer satisfaction generates a better customer retention rate, reputation, market share and revenue.
  • Improved regulatory compliance. SoftExpert allows the organization to integrate compliance management skills with current business processes.
  • Less paper work and less paper needed to print out reports, due to the scheduled reports, customized views and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Guarantee of effective team work and cooperation. Resources are coordinated, giving them a straightforward way to get together and resolve the task at hand, including the procedures to be used, the delegation of tasks among the team members and timeline. The project team will conduct its activities with a greater sense of professionalism and self-confidence, ensuring staff retention.
  • Reduced project start-up time and shorter learning curve for project team members, since the processes, procedures and templates are created and reused.

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