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Survey and test management

Clearly, good information management is crucial for organizations to work smoothly. And to improve information management, managers must know their customers, know their employees and know the market. SoftExpert Survey software provides everything needed to easily design, deploy, process and report on questionnaires, quizzes, polls, tests, self-assessments and evaluations across the enterprise, to speeding up decisions and assisting employees, suppliers, stakeholders and customers.

Customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market research, academic insights, control and risk self-assessment, process validation and supplier scoring – all of these business needs are found in just one solution, reducing costly errors, streamlining operations and increasing overall responsiveness.


With an intuitive interface, SoftExpert Survey allows users to create and publish a survey in minutes. Questions, scores and pages can be added and the survey can be edited according to user preferences. To get proper feedback, surveys need to find their way to the right audience. With SoftExpert Survey strongly aligned with the whole  SoftExpert’s Suite of solutions , users can reach out to an organization’s audience and get much more than simple siloed questionnaires. With the SoftExpert Survey analytics tool, get better insights and make better decisions. View responses on aggregate and create filters and cross-tabs to obtain an in-depth analysis.



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