Business Automation Portfolio with Process Improvement Methologies

"Award Winning Methodology by CIO Review Magazine

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Process Discovery

You cannot improve what you don't understand. With our process discovery tools you can have a 360° view of your processes on your screen at the time the real operations are running, uncovering all hidden steps and deviations. These insights can help in the analysis and identification of problems and in the decision making of the best areas for improvement.

User Activity Monitoring

How do you understand what your colleagues are up to? How can you visualize the way each team member do his/her chores to find out about the possibilities for automation?

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Task Mining

How to find and measure on real time the execution patterns of simultaneous tasks each user performs on his/her desktop?

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Process Modeling

How do you define your processes in your business and how do you establish their mutual relations by associating them with the roles in your organisation?

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Process Design

Provide your staff with the best tools to implement, execute, and refine business models based on as-executed data. Establish transparency and centralization of corporate business process models and execution metrics.


Business Process Management

How to streamline, control operations and the production processes, strategically replacing the Full Time Employees responsible for each task and efficiently performing audit activities to achieve new levels of excellence?

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Enterprise Risk Management

How to minimize risk exposure, provide an accurate understanding of enterprise risks and keep the program identified, analyzed, evaluated, monitored and managed on the track to ensure legal governance and compliance?

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Enterprise Quality Management

How to accurately identify regulatory requirements and define your own, managing both risks and the increasing pressure to accelerate time to market (TTM) to leverage business and operational quality standards to increase efficiency while minimizing failure costs?

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Enterprise Asset Management

How to manage and maintain high-performance assets to achieve greater operational and production productivity and how to classify assets based on critical risk, impact and define custom maintenance strategies at the lowest cost and risk?

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Product Life Cycle Management

How to continuously fasten and improve innovation delivering the right products and services? How to reduce time and costs in performing activities with control, superior quality and value?

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Human Development Management

How to ensure the right workforce skills and competencies, find the highly qualified people, measure the effectiveness of individual development plans, motivate the workforce and save time and therefore money?

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Process Automation

Automate workflows and orchestrate processes, reducing the risk of errors, providing metrics and visibility; enforce deadlines, validate, properly route and synchronize data; reduce training costs and provide many other benefits as well. These improvements can add up to a serious positive impact on a business's bottom line via BPM and RPA.


qbot®  DigiStaff

How can you speed up your processes and improve them in a rate of 60% through digital employees without changing your existing corporate applications and without the obligation to integrate? How can you manage all your tasks with a single channel, being it WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Teams or any other preferred platform?

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Document Processing and Automation

How do you get relevant information from various types of documents in your business, validate and transfer it to corporate applications via APIs so that customer information is processed quickly and accurately?

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Sales and Marketing Automation

How can you reach your customers through multiple channels, manage marketing, sales and after sales processes from a single point, increase your revenues and make your customers satisfied?

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Process Monitoring

Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your existing processes, quickly comparing models with reality and finding new opportunities for improvement.


Corporate Performance Management

How to align strategic and operational objectives and targets to fully achieve the best of future business performance?

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Process Mining

How to forecast and monitor all the organisation's performance? How to understand the probability of a very specific set of events to happen in the future based on processed data?

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Project and Portfolio Management

How to effectively manage resources and projects to improve customer services and business initiatives?

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Specific solutions for:

IT Process Redesign

IT Process Redesign (ITPR) facilitates the orchestration and integration of tools, people and processes through automated workflows. ITPR software applications can be programmed to perform any repeatable pattern, task or business workflow that was once handled manually by humans.

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Customer Service Redesign

Customer service redesign is a method of consumer support that is provided by an automated system such as a help center, a chatbot or other artificial intelligence combined with enterprise applications. The updated support can be provided 24/7 and is used to both assist and reduce the cost of human support representatives.

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Digital HR Redesign

Digital HR is a form of process optimization in which social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies are leveraged to make the HR function more efficient, effective, and connected. In other words, it’s a tectonic shift in the way of Human Resources functions.

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Other Demands

Terzion DX provides the most complete integrated intelligent Process Automation and redesign solutions to simplify and streamline implementation, execution, control and monitoring of multiple demands.

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