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Work wiser by activating intelligent insights

Understand how your team works – from anywhere! Empower people, home healthy work habits, and optimize processes to do greater.


ProcessEra delivery approach offers a connected view of the enterprise to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems.


Process Discovery : PROCESSERA UAM 

of your income is spent on salaries (based on employee time)
2:54 Hours
is the average efficient time spent in office tasks in a day
is the average ROI
less time for capturing automation opportunities such as RPA

Increase Employee Productivity

With Processera UAM  Tools, track employee activity throughout the day, then aggregate that data to produce detailed metrics, such as:

  • A breakdown of work-related vs. non-work-related tasks.

  • Minute-to-minute trend graphs showing how much time is spent on specific projects.
  • Prioritize important projects and ensure your team is focused on them.

  • Use the various productivity reports to track progress and adjust tasks to ensure you meet your productivity goals.

                                Spotlight Patterns That Fuel Success

                                With ProcessEra UAM’s productivity insights you can understand how work gets done, spotlight successful patterns and reduce distractions to make space for the work that matters most.

                                Spark Healthier Work Habits to Banish Burnout

                                 ProcessEra UAM  brings the visibility you need to see what’s really happening with employees, teams, processes, and technology so managers can proactively engage employees, encourage healthy habits, and get out in front of burnout.

                                Engage Everyone, Everywhere to Achieve the Amazing

                                Provide managers of remote teams with the insights to guide their team members to success. See how work is getting done, during what hours, and across which applications and websites for a complete picture of work habits – in-office, hybrid and remote.

                                Optimize Your SaaS and Application Universe

                                ProcessEra UAM  gives you visibility into SaaS or OnPremise application adoption and usage trends so you can understand how applications hinder or boost productivity across your organization.

                                ROI OF AN EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE

                                - Cost of employee monitoring software for 10 users is $120/user x 10 users, or $1.200/year. 
                                - ROI = $ savings (10 staff x 12.000 yearly  cost /staff x %25 average waste time) / cost of employee monitoring software. 

                                Example ROI for 10 Users
                                $15k/ $1.2k = 12,5 or 1.250% of ROI.

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